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East Texas Piano Solo Festival Competition

photo of ETPSF students
DATE: Saturday, April 16, 2016
LOCATION: Tom & Peggy Wright Music Building
Stephen F. Austin State University School of Music
Nacogdoches, Texas
ENTRY DEADLINE: Entries should be postmarked by Wednesday, April 6, 2016. (No entries accepted after this date!)

Prize Winners for Advanced I and Advanced II

We are offering a 25% discount, a maximum savings of more than $100, to the winners of the ETSPF to participate in the 2016 SFA Summer Piano Camp. Complete information for the event can be found at


There are two ways to register:


  • Eligibility Requirements (The preceding link only toggles the on-screen display)

    Students who are in school grades 3 through 12 (or in the equivalent home school curriculum levels) compete in divisions according to their grade in school:

    Performance levels:
    Grade Division:
    3 & 4 Elementary
    5 & 6 Intermediate I
    7 & 8 Intermediate II
    9 & 10 Advanced I
    11 & 12 Advanced II
  • Repertoire Requirements (The preceding link only toggles the on-screen display)

    Students should prepare two contrasting pieces from memory. One piece must be from the Baroque or Classical period (or in Neobaroque or Neoclassical style).

    An original score of each piece performed must be provided for the preliminary round judge. Measures must be numbered ahead of time.

    Simplified editions of piano works or piano arrangements of music originally written for other genres may not be used, unless arranged by the original composer.

    Participants may choose to perform repertoire more difficult than average for their level; however, they will be held to the same standard of preparation expected of others in that division. A more difficult piece will not win if it is less meticulously prepared than other entries.

  • Fee Information (The preceding link only toggles the on-screen display)

    The entry fee is $25 per student (non-refundable) with checks made payable to: SFA School of Music

  • Preliminary Round Information (The preceding link only toggles the on-screen display)

    All students will perform both of their prepared pieces for a judge, who will critique and select three finalists from each of the performance divisions. Parents, family members, teachers, and friends are welcome as audience members during the preliminary round.

    Each festival participant will receive a preliminary-round critique sheet from the judge. Students must perform BOTH of their preliminary selections well in order to be chosen as a finalist and advance to the Winners Recital. Finalists will be announced at the end of each division's preliminary round, and all entrants will receive a ribbon for participation.

  • Winners Recital Information (The preceding link only toggles the on-screen display)

    The Winners Recital will take place in Cole Concert Hall and is free and open to the public. Finalists from all divisions will perform one selection chosen by the preliminary judge. The finals competition will be team-judged by a jury of three adjudicators to choose first, second and third place awards.

  • Awards Ceremony (The preceding link only toggles the on-screen display)

    At the conclusion of the Winners Recital, those receiving Honorable Mentions will be announced at this time and presented Certificates of Achievement. Trophies will be awarded to all place winners in each of the five divisions.

    Division Cash Awards* will be given as follows:

    • First place - Advanced II division: $200
    • First place - Advanced I division: $100
    • First place - Intermediate II division: $75
    • First place - Intermediate I division: $75
    • First place - Elementary division: $50

    *Judges reserve the right to NOT choose a division place winner if they feel an award is not deserved.

    NOTE: Students, parents and teachers are urged to attend the Winners Recital and Awards Ceremony, which will be open to the public. All students receiving place awards or Honorable Mention certificates will be photographed for newspaper release. If you aren’t there, you miss out!